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Economy Cars at Great Prices

The lines between economy cars and the rest of the car market have blurred. These days, lots of cars are economical. Those that are still labeled with the “economy” title are super efficient and affordable, especially if you know how to locate a deal.

Subcompact Economy Cars

The most affordable economy cars have remained very small. In some cases, the gas-only versions of these cars are so small that they get better fuel efficiency than slightly larger hybrid cars. These are excellent for city commutes because they are so easy to park.

Compact Economy Cars

As the compact cars of earlier decades became bigger, new models replaced them. Now, many have CVT transmissions and are nearly as affordable as their subcompact cousins.

Other Economy Cars

With the advent of hybrid cars, electric cars, aluminum parts, alternative fuels and inefficient driving notification has come an era of great flexibility in the kind of cars we drive. We no longer must drive tiny cars to save money. Midsize cars are fairly affordable to buy and are sometimes cheaper to own than certain compact models. Do your research and you’ll surely find a good fit.

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