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Hybrid Vehicle Deals

Hybrid vehicles now come in every size and shape. Everything from luxury supercars to pickup trucks are built with hybrid engines. Why? They’ve proven to be durable and reliable and they help you save money in many cases. Plus, of course, they protect the environment.

Types of Hybrids

Full Hybrids: Hybrids that can run without any gasoline but are aided and recharged by their gasoline engines. They use the gas engine to accelerate more quickly.

Mild Hybrids: The electric engines in mild hybrids aren’t powerful enough to move the vehicle very effectively. They simply aid the gas engines. These hybrids don’t achieve the fuel efficiency full hybrids achieve.

Plug-In Hybrids: These cars are a lot like full hybrids. However, they have larger batteries and can be charged using a normal A/C power supply and a charging device. They can travel further without using their gasoline engines.

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