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Privacy Policy is committed in protecting the privacy of our users. This policy explains the information that we collect and how it’s used.

The information that we collect
Personal Information: We may collect personal information like your name, phone number, mailing address, e-mail address and other information in several situations, including the following: 1. When you request a vehicle price quote through our website. 2. When you request a financing quote through our website. 3. When you request information about a used car through our website. 4. When you request information via our customer service email.

Automatically Information Collected: automatically collects information like browser type, IP address, domain name and address of the referring website. This helps us to improve the online experience for our consumers.

What we do with the information
The information that you provide is used to grant your requests and improve our. We may also use the information to administer and evaluate our services, respond to problems, as well as to measure trends and to put users in touch with our partners that can provide the services that we can’t.

How we share the information
We share information as described below:
Lead Purchasers: Our website requires users to provide personal information in order to receive quotes or other offers from partners such as lenders or automotive dealerships, who can then provide products or services to our users that we do not provide. We may share your data with third parties like dealerships and lenders.

Required Disclosures: We have the right to disclose or use information without consent or notice as we need to in order to satisfy any regulation, law or legal request, to carry out investigations of complaints or breaches of law, to protect the good character of our property and website and ensure compliance to our terms, to protect visitors’ safety or, to satisfy your quote requests or to contribute in any legal process.

How we use cookies and other marketing technologies
Web browsers offer cookies. If you permit their use, they will store data on your computer when you navigate a website. Cookies don’t contain any information that identifies you. Cookies allow us to track the features that you like, and also allow us to create our content based on your preferences. You can decline or accept cookies by changing your browser settings.

We encrypt sensitive information with security technology to prevent access of unauthorized parties during the transmission of requests over the Internet. We use industry-standard practices suited to the sensitive information to maintain your information secure and avoid its disclosure with the exceptions detailed in this policy. However, we cannot guarantee100% the security of your information, and we do not respond for the security or privacy of any third party.

We may provide links from and to third party sites. We provide these links so that you can visit our advertisers and vendors that may be of interest to you. We do not respond for any third parties’ use or misuse of the information that you provide to them. We recommend that you review the privacy and information sharing practices of those third parties.

Acceptance of these terms
By using our website, you agree to this policy’s terms. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not use our website. This privacy policy includes all of the conditions, provisions and terms of our terms of use, posted on this website. We may update this policy as needed and at any time. If you continue to use of the website, it means you accept the updated policy.

Last update: July 8, 2016

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