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The Best Times to Get Automobile Deals

Are you in the know? Did you know there are three especially advantageous times for making an auto sale deal? Yes, there is such a thing as the best time to buy a car. You can consider yourself informed after you've read this short explainer.

Model Year-End Time

This might be the best time to buy a car, period. Each year, toward the end of the summer, auto manufacturers start rolling their new models onto dealership lots. We've all seen the commercials. "It's the (insert brand name) year-end clearance event!" What this means is "Hey, come get our older models, quick! We gotta get rid of 'em!" It's a great time to get a deal but the best car deals are usually reserved for the previous year's models. We don't discount the deal-finding potential of this time of year, which runs until the end of the year and even further, sometimes. However, there are other options.

The End of the Month

What you want to do at this time is just take advantage of the scrambling that's going on at the dealership. Salespeople want to meet quotas and get bonuses. If they haven't met their goals and it's the end of the month, they'll be more likely to cut a great deal for you. Likewise, the dealership will be trying to meet its high-level goals for the month. It doesn't always work out for you, the buyer, but it's worth a try. Get quotes first, so that you have a feel for who's offering the deeper discounts.

The End of the Year

There are quotas for each month and there is also a quota for the entire year. That's what makes the end of the year, i.e. the holiday season, a great time to make an auto deal. In fact, this time of year can provide the benefits of both of the above times: the quota-meeting scramble and the availability of older (but still brand new) cars that aren't selling. We've heard experts point out that the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas are days when the lowest sale prices occur, which means several percentage points less than usual, on average.

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