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In the past, trucks were workhorses and not much more. They were machines for carrying heavy items from here to there. Today, they are that and so much more. Trucks are loaded with technology and safety features. They are usually available with diesel engines and lightweight parts, as well.

The Lineup

Trucks range from 4-cylinder (in a few cases) light-duty vehicles to 410+ horsepower beasts. You can find small, 2-door trucks and “crew cab” 4-door trucks. Truck beds range from around 4 feet to around 8.5 feet, enough to hold a few kayaks or a big load of gravel. 4X4 trucks are available too, of course.

The Deals

The level of competition in the truck market has led to some extremely affordable truck deals. You just have to know where to find them. It’s not uncommon to find trucks for lease at around $250 per month. And smaller trucks retail for around $20,000. But don’t think these trucks lack the features you need. They’re well equipped.

Due Diligence

Before you sign any agreements on your next truck, make sure you locate the best deal in your area. It’s easy to do that, thanks to online quoting. Click here to get quotes from local dealers, for free.