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Vans Are Definitely Still in Style

For a while, we thought the crossover was going to render minivans obsolete. It did not, however. We’ve seen a resurgence in the popularity of the minivan, partly due to some fantastic redesigned models. We’ve also noticed some highly utilitarian cargo vans that don’t lack style.


Today’s minivans are not simply cargo vans with passenger seats in them. They are decked out with luxury features. And they’re nice-looking! Entertainment screens, sun shades, Bluetooth, leather, premium audio, reclining seats with foot rests; you name it, you can find a minivan that includes it. Often, minivans are very affordable, too.

Cargo Vans

Like the minivan market, the cargo van market has come into its own. Everything from efficient road-going haulers to spacious 4X4s with lots of head room are in the mix. And yes, you can still find the old 8-seat people mover.

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